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Photos from Raigad Fort

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  • Raigad Fort


    Capital of the Maratha Kingdom, King's fort as it means in Marathi.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Raigad Fort
  • Entrance to the fort through the stairs


    Present day entrance to the fort through the stairs.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Entrance to the fort through the stairs
  • Nane Darwaja


    Olden day entrance to the fort. Derived it's name from Nahan (Lahan) or small in local language.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Nane Darwaja
  • Mahadarwaja


    1st entry point in the fort, Mahadarwaja or the great gate is supported by two massive well-preserved bastions Jay-Vijay.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

  • Takmak


    A north-west point of the fort, believed to the point from where prisoners were hurled, though no such instance recorded in the history.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

  • Ganga Sagar reservoir


    This reservoir was the chief source of water supply for the fort. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Ganga Sagar resovoir
  • Shirkai Devi Mandir


    Gad devata (Goddess of the fort) Shirkai devi temple.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Shirkai Devi Mandir
  • Baajar Peth/Nagar peth


    A string of a 3 room structures, 22 on one side and 21 to the other side, believed to be Market place on the fort.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Baajar Peth
  • Shiv Putala


    A statue of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj on Raigad.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Shiv Putala
  • Nagar Khana


    The main entrance to the court room. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Dhavir Temple
  • Court Yard (nagarkhana)


    Court room of the great kingdom. On 6th June 1674, this place witnessed the coronation of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Court Yard (nagarkhana)
  • Palakhi Darwaja


    Entrance to the Palace of Royal Family. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Palakhi Darwaja
  • Towers


    Three ruined towers,when in use are said to have been higher than what they are in the present state.
    © Shreyas Ghorpade for

  • Hirkani Buruj


    Hirkani, the extreme west strategic point of the fort. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Hirkani Buruj
  • Wagh Darwaja


    One needs a tiger's heart to descend the fort through this gate, hence called wagh darwaja. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Wagh Darwaja
  • Jagadishwar (Waadeshwar)


    Biggest temple on the fort, Shivaji Maharaj used to visit this temple everyday during his stay on the fort. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Jagadishwar (Waadeshwar)
  • Hiroji Indulkar on the step of Jagadishwar


    Inscription on the step of Jagadishwar by the chief constructor of the fort. In his only written mark on the fort, Hirojoi Indulkar says, will be at your service forever, your Majesty. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Hiroji Indulkar on the step of Jagadishwar
  • Shiv Samadhi


    The place where final rituals of Shivaji Maharaj were performed. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Shiv Samadhi
  • Remains of the Palace


    Here used to be a palace where the royal family stayed. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Remains of the Palace
  • Remains of he Minister's Palace


    Believed to be the ministers' residence of the Maratha kingdom. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Remains of he Minister's Palace
  • Pachad fortress


    The fortress built by the great King for his great mother, JijauSaheb, easily visible from the fort Raigad, but sadly only the ruins. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    Pachad fortress
  • images/shivaji-rajyaabhishek-photos/master-blaster-(158).jpg


  • JijauSaheb samadhi


    The place where the Raj Mata Jijau was cremated, after her death on 17th Jun 1674. © Shreyas Ghorpade for

    JijauSaheb samadhi

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