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General Information about Roha

Holy men & Saints of Maharashtra have described it as "Sunder Desha Pavitra Desha Maharashtra Desha...". Roha is a part of this beautiful Maharashtra state.

This small town is situated on the bank of the river Kundalika under the blessings of Shri Dhavir Maharaj and made famous by people such as Shri Pandurang Shastri Athavle & Dr.CD.Deshmukh. Located in Raigad district in the state of Maharashtra(INDIA), Roha has been made famous on the world map by these two personalities. People of different comunities like Maratha, Dhangar, Shimpi, Brahman, Kayasta, Muslim etc.stay here. There are different housing lanes for each community, but till date there has been no problems among this people. Even if there are different lanes people live with a sense of unity,which reflects during various festivals. The main attraction of Roha is the Dhavir temple, constructed by Balwantrao Vithoji More in 1849. In veiw of this temple Roha has been declared a religious destination by the Government of Maharashtra. Since the British regime there was a practice of giving 'Salami' to this temple and it is still carried out every year on the next day of 'Dusshera'. Roha was the buisness centre from olden days and the start of railway service in April 1985 gave it an added industrial importance.

Many big companies have their manufacturing plants here like Pepsi, Clariant, Sudarshan Chemicals, Excel, Unichem Laboratories etc. Late Shri Pandurang Shastri Athavle-rewarded by the coveted Magasaysay Award was born in Roha. Former Late Finance Minister of India Dr.CD Deshmukh was brought up as a child in Roha itself. Roha has also successfully hosted the "82nd Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Natya Sammelan."

Shri Ballaleshwar-Pali Roha is located just three hours from Mumbai. You can reach there by bus or train. For people who love adventure Roha is a great place. "Avchitgad", "Ghosale" (Photo available in the Photos section of the website) forts are nearby and are very good sites for trecking and rapling. Other sites include Vardhayani waterfall (people are not allowed to go here now), place called Lander and Talaghar waterfall, where you can expereince nature very closely, are spectacular sites. Not many people know about Vardhayani, but it is a great place for a one day trip just 30 minutes from Roha, you can also enjoy night stay there provided the required things are carried, for eg.tent, food, utensils etc. Other then this sites the famous temple of Shri Ballaleshwar, one of the eight gods in Ashtavinayak is also very near. It is situated on the foot hills of "Sarasgad", another site where you can have a good rapling expereince.

If you are planning for a one day trip then after enjoying one of the waterfalls you can proceed to Murud which is famous for its beaches. State transport service is available for Murud.

Getting To Roha

  • Bus: State transport service is available.Roha is 150 kms. from Mumbai
  • Rail:On the Konkan Railway it is three hours from Mumbai
  • Train at 06.20 from Diva Jn. (Diva-Madgaon which passes through Roha, reaches Roha by 9.00)
  • Train at 09.10 from Diva Jn. (Diva-Roha, reaches Roha by 12.00)
  • Train at 11.40 Netravati Express from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (passes through Roha, reaches Roha by 14.45)
  • Train at 15.35 Dadar- Ratnagiri. (which passes through Roha, reaches Roha by 19.00)
  • Train at 20.00 from Diva Jn. (Diva-Roha, reaches Roha by 22.30).
    The timing of trains reaching Roha, mentioned above are approximate.

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